A dedicated iBOS analyst monitors data from your battery room to ensure you are aware of little problems before they spiral into big costs. From a single site to an enterprise network of distribution centers, they make sure you get the maximum from your forklift stored energy system investment.


There are three critical events we monitor the data stream for:


No active data connection means no data to monitor. Our analysts will actively monitor the iBOS system for connectivity and if connectivity is lost for any reason, we will take steps to help resolve the issue. Once the investigation has been launched, the iBOS experts will work with a contact on site to re-establish the data stream.


If at any time, there are no fully charged batteries available when they are needed, we will immediately investigate the issue. Low availability could be due to many reasons including premature battery changes, mis calibrated discharge indicators, or broken chargers. If action is required, you will be notified of the recommended actions to take.


If the operators are not using the system correctly the batteries will not be rotated correctly. If the operators are not selecting the correct batteries as instructed by the iBOS system, our team will analyse the iBOS data and inform you of the extent of the misuse and a profile of the behaviour which will help identify who is responsible.


The critical alerts system is an optional module available with our data connected iBOS systems.

iBOS Lite iBOS Basic iBOS Plus iBOS Pro
Critical Alerts Monitoring


With the iBOS Critical Alert Service, if you don’t hear from us, your system is being used correctly. You can be confident that you'll always have batteries available when you need them.

If an alert is triggered our specialist will launch an immediate investigation and contact you with actionable information which will help to quickly resolve the problem.


Managing batteries is just the beginning, having a dedicated analysts can improve your entire system.


Upon looking at the data with support from Philadelphia we was able to establish we had an issue with not having adequate charging resources for our MHE fleet. Philadelphia chaired numerous meetings over a number of months where this data was analysed and discussed.

The level of detail and support right from the scoping stage was excellent. GBD came up with a plan to install a separate PPT charging area and turn the twin charging ports on the VNA to single chargers. Again Philadelphia come to site to measure up and then provide different alternatives to the plan and provided drawings. The plan was signed off and an order placed.

The project team on site was brilliant, friendly and was very efficient in getting this work completed, despite GB making a few changes to the plan. The aftercare was also really good due to some batteries not being delivered until later, again Philadelphia accommodated GBD needs and supported throughout. A really good service and brilliant support throughout.

Mark - Great Bear Distribution


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